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Ohio school shooting

A shooting at a high school outside of Cleveland, Ohio has left a community in shock, seeking answers.


  1. At approximately 7:30 this morning Geagua County Sheriff's Department and Ohio State Highway Patrol responded to Chardon High School after reports of shots fired. Chardon School District quickly sent a voicemail to parents that schools were closed and high school students were moved to a nearby middle school.
  2. Citing a "school official", ABC News affiliate "Action News" reported that one person was in custody following the shooting. The station also reported "Two shooters entered Chardon High School and shot three or four students in the cafeteria". That account was later contradicted by law enforcement officials who reported that there was a single shooter and at least three crime scenes.
  3. The AP confirmed that a suspect was in custody. According to press conference with local authorities and the FBI at the scene, there were four students injured and a single gunman.
  4. According to the AP, 1,100 students attend Chardon High School. Students were evacuated to nearby Maple Elementary School. Footage from the scene showed parents taking their children home.
  5. As the story developed, more students on-hand during the shooting offered descriptions of what they witnessed.
  6. Twitter users extended thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families.
  7. Local reports described the shooter as a "youth" who fled the scene and was apprehended on a road. According to the reports the victims reportedly included three boys and a girl. The reports suggested a teacher chased the suspect.
  8. CNN has been providing live coverage from Chardon, speaking to parents and students. Parents have largely seemed calm and the channel's reporters have indicated that families have been reunited in an orderly manner.
  9. According to the latest press conference, streamed by CNN, it appears there were actually five victims found in three locations, their conditions presently are unclear. The victims–all students–are being treated in two separate hospitals. The shooter–a student with a handgun–reportedly turned himself in after being forced out of the school by a teacher.
  10. A former Chardon school official says he knows the teacher believed to have pursued the shooter out of the school. The former official says he is not surprised and describes the teacher as a "hero" both inside and outside the classroom.