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Social Media Week Vancouver: Old vs. New Media Panel

Social Media Week is winding down in Vancouver and yesterday GrowLab caught the Old vs. New Media: Journalism in 2012 panel (#smwmedia). The panel discussed a lot of new press and marketing techniques that are relevant to today's startups and entrepreneurs. Check out the tweet recap below:

  1. The panel was made up of:

    Gillian Shaw, Digital Life write at the Vancouver Sun
    Alfred Hermida, UBC Professor of Journalism
    Steve Pratt, Director of CBC Music
    Bob Kronbauer, Founder of Vancouver Is Awesome
    Heron Hanuman, Panel Moderator & CTV BC Manager

  2. Hey GrowLabbers - has anyone checked out a #SMW12 event this week? I'll be tweeting old vs new media from the #smwmedia panel.
  3. The panel kicked off with a discussion about the differences between old and new media. 

  4. Great point! @steveprattca Traditional media can't serve all niches and interests where digital can. #smwmedia #smworange #smwvan
  5. It's not traditional or new anymore, we're in the business of journalism, delivering content and news via @gillianshaw #smwmedia
  6. But, new doesn't always equal better. A newspaper may offer you up a story or perspective that you might ignore in a digital medium:

  7. Selective exposure is human nature @Hermida. Step away from trending and skewed views @gillianshaw. #smwmedia #smworange #smwvan
  8. The next part of the talk was full of useful information for businesses, and it was stressed that startups need to take risks with media in order to prove what works and what doesn't: 

  9. Smaller, local companies putting a lot more into pr and social as oppose to traditional media @VIAwesome #smwmedia #smwvan
  10. Old media need to be worried about brands developing their own content and bypassing traditional ads #SMWmedia #SMWvan
  11. There was some discussion about how to approach using new media, with some clear tips for incorporating technology last: 

  12. "People, objectives, strategy and then technology" - @Hermida with regard to using new media #smwmedia
  13. Great eg. RT @meenasandhu: Understand the platform when & where to use, instagram is in the moment #smwmedia #smworange
    Great eg. RT @meenasandhu: Understand the platform when & where to use, instagram is in the moment QGsmwmedia/ smworange #smworange
  14. Overall, a great and informative panel for journalists, advertisers, marketers, and anyone looking to use media to their advantage. Thanks to all the panelists, Social Media Week Vancouver and ING Direct for hosting. 

    And of course you, for attending! What panels did you catch and love?

  15. Bonus: Some of the funniest things said at the panel: 
  16. I teach journalism students who want to work in TV and don't have a TV at home - @Hermida speaks at #SMWmedia