1. Residents of Keppapulavu, in Mullaitivu, have been protesting, demanding the return of their land, which is currently occupied by the Air Force. The families have now been protesting outside the airforce camp for 9 days. The struggle for the return of their land however has been ongoing for years. Below is a compilation of reportage on the protest.
  2. The displaced residents of Keppapulavu were reportedly warned not to protest, as President Maithripala Sirisena was scheduled to visit the area.
  3. President Sirisena did not visit Mullaitivu due to poor weather, although a ceremony was held to hand over some land. However, the displaced maintained that they were being given alternative land. They demanded the right to resettle on their own land. The villagers initially held a protest on January 25.
  4. On January 31st, the villagers protested through the night.
  5. The military reportedly pressurised the protesters to stop.
  6. As the protests continued, local politicians and neighbouring villages expressed solidarity.
  7. One of the protesters fell ill and had to be transported to hospital:
  8. Independence Day was dubbed a "Black Day".
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