Livetweeting The Art of Language Invention

I got an advance copy of David J. Peterson's (@Dedalvs) upcoming book, The Art of Language Invention. Here are my thoughts as I was reading and some sneak peek photos from its pages.


  1. A few months ago, David J. Peterson asked me if I'd like an ARC of his book that's coming out on September 29th. Of course I said yes! When it finally arrived, I took it to a park to start reading.
  2. Disclaimer: all pictures are from an advance copy, not the final edited version (see that orange banner?). If you spot any typos, I assume they'll be fixed in the real book.

  3. This is probably the point where I need to admit that I'm not a conlanger, and I haven't actually read or watched Game of Thrones, let alone Defiance or any of the other things David's worked on. *ducks*
  4. There are lots of references to the languages he's created, which obviously I was expecting and I mean, I wasn't completely lost. But I'm sure they're far more interesting if you've actually seen them.
  5. However, there are also pop culture references to other things.

  6. This also gives you a sense of David J. Peterson's style of humour, which is very much in evidence.
  7. And, not actually in the book, but sometimes when you livetweet, people chip in:
  8. A few useful teaching examples:

  9. (sorry for the ridiculously grainy pic. it was getting dark out in the park.)

  10. Assorted other things: