Tech Advice for New Teachers

Even the most experienced teacher can be intimidated by technology. For new teachers, it can be even more overwhelming to figure out how to integrate tech when you're trying to figure out the best teaching and classroom management strategies. Here's advice on how to do a little of both.


  1. • You don't have to be an expert. 

    First, if you're pressuring yourself to master technology, you're setting yourself up for disappointment--a major demotivator when it comes to embracing tech. Technology is constantly evolving, so everyone around you is always learning. All you need is a willingness to learn. It also helps to have a collaborative atmosphere and a principal who leads by example. 

  2. • Create an online PLC.

    The beauty of the internet is that it gives you free access to tons of vetted resources as well as collaborative people who are passionate about their work and are eager to share their knowledge. Take advantage. Follow edtech influencers on Twitter and LinkedIn, read blogs, and create your own too. 
  3. • Always have a Plan B.

    Expect the WIFI to go down and the whiteboard to go blank. Tech problems happen, so when you plan a lesson, always ask yourself, "Can I still do this lesson without technology? If so, how?" If not, have a Plan B ready
  4. • Learn the lingo.

    Do you ask people to send you a "Twitter" or do you have no idea what a MOOC is? Get familiar with common edtech terms
  5. • Reflect, evaluate, evolve. 

    Are you simply having students read a book on an iPad? That's called substitution, or the most rudimentary way to use tech. Get familiar with the SAMR model and make time to reflect on and evolve the way you use tech.
  6. • Let students lead the way.

    Odds are your students will know the tech better than you. Don't be one of those teachers with a hands-off policy when it comes to tech. Instead, use it as an opportunity for students to take the lead, show their skills, make a contribution, troubleshoot problems, and feel appreciated for their knowledge. 

  7. This student's brilliant recommendations is a must read for all teachers new to tech:
  8. • Keep growing. 

    Like I mentioned at the beginning, when it comes to technology, you'll be a life-long student. Know who the edtech influencers. For example, award-winning teacher Larry Ferlazzo is a must-follow. Here's his list of advice on using tech.
  9. Stay on top of the latest news and tools that can help make teaching a little easier. Bookmark these sites. Here are a few to get you started!