Bryn Mawr College Teach-In on Race, Higher Education, Rights and Responsibilities

On Tuesday, November 18, 2014, the Undergraduate Dean's Office hosted a Teach-In on Race, Higher Education, Rights and Responsibilities. We have collected conversations from that evening's event here, and offer further resources on the Greenfield Digital Center blog.


  1. The Teach-In was hosted by undergraduate deans Isabelle Barker and Raima Evan.
  2. Sharon Ullman, Professor of History and Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies, spoke first, and offered a history of the Confederate flag and its current repercussions in U.S. society and politics.
  3. Greenfield Digital Center Director Monica Mercado presented "(A Short, Incomplete, and Often Invisible) History of Race and Higher Education," drawing on the work of activists and scholars including Dean Spade, Craig Wilder, and Martha Biondi.
  4. Education scholar Linda Perkins has written on the histories of African American women at institutions of elite higher education. Her statistics were cited: