Green Mountain customer stories

We love to hear from our loyal customers who are dedicated to our mission to change the way power is made. Here are some customer comments we saw on social media. Tag your feedback with #GreenMountainEnergy!

  1. View the story behind Green Mountain Energy in the video below, and click the YouTube icon to read customer comments.
  2. Green Mountain Energy: Our Story
  3. I love Green Mountain Energy. I am so happy I switched several years ago. I feel good about how my energy is produced.
  4. I have green mountain and it is the best thing so far.
  5. The best electric company for customers and the enviroment especially my pocket book
  6. I've been with Green Mountain for about 10 years. They are great. I intend to stay with them.
  7. I have been so happy with Green Mountain. My bills are low and I feel good about using wind power!
  8. I've been with Green Mountain for 4yrs & I been very pleased..... I live in an apartment & everyone around me has an other company & is Way higher than mine. I am very Pleased!!!!
  9. Best I've ever dealt with. The have all of my accounts.
  10. I have been with Green Mountain Energy for about 4 years, and love them..especially the weekly email that shows you the amount of energy you have used each week and approx amount your bill will be..
  11. I have green it!
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