The Green House Project: From Tupelo to California, Oh How Far We've Come...

The month of May became a nice snapshot of The Green House journey, beginning with the 10 year Anniversary of the first Green House homes in Tupelo, MS, and concluding with a celebration and dedication of the 24th State to open Green House homes—California!


  1. Steve McAllily took time at The Green House Annual Meeting to talk about opening the first Green House homes in Tupelo, Mississippi
  2. Steve McAlilly Reflects on 10 years of The Green House Project
  3. The blogging world took notice and highlighted this event in long-term care history
  4. Many local newspapers and t.v. stations covered this story of a visionary organization that sparked a revolution!
  5. A little rain couldn't dampen the excitement of the event!  
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  7. Many of our friends and partners were excited to celebrate how far The Green House Project has come in just 10 years.
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  9. Check out some photos on Facebook that really illustrate how this milestone has impacted so many lives
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  11. Green House homes across the country celebrated this milestone, giving us a stronger voice!
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  13. The Green House Project and Mt. San Antonio Gardens navigate the California regulatory system to become the 24th state to bring Elders home!