Sustainability at Harvard: A Year in Review

Highlights from across campus in 2013.

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  1. Thank you to everyone who has taken large and small actions in their classroom, lab, office or dorm to make Harvard a healthier, more efficient living and learning environment. We are so inspired by everything our community of students, staff and faculty have achieved this year. We couldn't do it without you! 

    In this Storify we take a look back at some of 2013's most exciting and inspiring accomplishments. 
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  3. Labs continue to be a major focus because of the energy they consume as well as the importance to our research and teaching mission.

  4. The Green Labs Program helped launch a university-wide Labs Reuse List to help cut waste in labs. 
  5. Today we visit the #Harvard #Chemistry Building operations team who just added a new -80 degree #freezer that consumes less than half the #electricity than traditional models. The new freezer uses a single free piston Stirling engine to reduce costs and increase reliability for researchers. It was purchased as part of a FAS pilot program and is just one of many #cool #greenharvard projects being launched in our labs.
  6. The Nikon Imaging Center at Harvard Medical School transitioned the light source for 12 of its 13 microscopes to more efficient solid-state light engines, replacing older metal halide bulbs that contain mercury.
  7. We also started reaching out, engaging, and learning from our alumni. Our Greenprenuers series highlights inspiring stories of our alumni taking action in a sustainability-related field after they graduate.


  8. Green Alumni Perspectives
  9. To reduce indoor air pollution, Harvard School of Public Health graduate, Catlin Powers, helped create SolSource, an emission-free solar cooker. Currently Powers is working to harness the extra energy provided by SolSource for other uses, including heating buildings.
  10. We’re strengthening partnerships with Cambridge and Boston to amplify our impact and learn from each other.

  11. The City of Boston is bringing simple, free ...
  12. Student projects continue to contribute to Harvard's campus sustainability goals with the help of the Student Sustainability Grant program. 

  13. Two Harvard Graduate School of Design students ...
  14. From rooftops to laboratories, an informal ...
  15. We were inspired by the visits of two great leaders in the effort to combat climate change.