Will the UK succeed in a low carbon world?

This debate on 9 June brought together an expert panel to discuss the prospects for the UK in the global low carbon economy. It was jointly hosted by CAFOD, Christian Aid, Green Alliance, Greenpeace, RSPB and WWF.


  1. The speakers were the Rt Hon Lord Peter Mandelson; Ben Warren, head of energy and environmental finance, EY; Tim Chapman, director, Arup; and Steve Holliday, former CEO, National Grid. The debate was chaired by Angela Francis, senior economist at Green Alliance.
  2. The hosting organisations launched an infographic at the event providing an outline picture of the UK's current status.
  3. Daisy Sands, head of UK energy and climate change at Greenpeace, opened the event with an overview of the issues highlighted in the infographic and the questions it raises.
  4. The Rt Hon Lord Mandelson gave the keynote speech...
  5. The chair, Angela Francis then asked Lord Mandelson whether there was anything that surprised him that the current government was not doing.
  6. Steve Holliday was asked about his view on baseload, and what the lessons were for developing countries in the energy transition:
  7. Ben Warren was asked what has contributed to the UK's drop in EY's Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index: