What is the future of UK infrastructure?

Green Alliance summer reception, 10 July 2013


  1. In a hurry? Watch the highlights of Ed Balls speech here. Full story below:
  2. Green Alliance's summer reception 2013 with Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls
  3. Rt Hon Ed Balls MP, Shadow Chancellor and Martin Wolf CBE, chief economics commentator at the Financial Times, discussed the future of UK infrastructure. The event was chaired by Green Alliance's director Matthew Spencer:
  4. Matthew Spencer_ opening speech
    Matthew Spencer_ opening speech
  5. On the same day Green Alliance announced that £180 billion of new infrastructure investment, equating to12 per cent of GDP, is at risk because of uncertainty about the UK’s commitmentto its current low carbon direction. This is based on Green Alliance's new economic analysis. See also our infographic The future of UK infrastructure, supported by WWF-UK, Greenpeace and Christian Aid:
  6. New Statesman's blog published a piece by our chief economist, Julian Morgan, highlighting why the gap between rhetoricand reality in the coalition’s infrastructure policy matters:
  7. Over 200 representatives from charity, business andgovernment came to join in the debate at BMA House.
  8. Sara Vaughan from sponsor E.ON welcomed everyone:
  9. Next, the introduction from MatthewSpencer, director of Green Alliance, highlightedthe opportunity of revolutionising UK’s economy through low carboninfrastructure.
  10. He stated that a pragmatic focus on low carbon energy andtransport is needed:
  11. He outlined that rebuilding investor confidence requires politicalleadership, policy consistency, and reform of infrastructure delivery to backdecentralised energy and transport projects.

    Martin Wolf of the FT responded and outlined that we have to stimulate investment to boost the weak recovery.