The business case for a strong 2030 EU climate and energy package

A Green Alliance debate on the 2030 EU climate and energy framework, with guest speaker Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action, 31 October 2013.


  1. Introduction...
    Over the next five months, European leaders will be negotiating the EU's 2030 climate and energy targets which will have an important impact on the UK's future energy system. This debate aimed to discuss what a successful 2030 package should look like with the EU Commissioner.

    On the day of the event we published the slide presentation Getting EU climate and energy policy on track. This looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the different policy options, and suggests three important elements that any new package must contain to be successful. Our recent publication What has EU climate and energy policy done for the UK? also contributes to this debate, with an assessment of how past EU policy on climate and energy has performed, with opinions from 20 expert commentators.
  2. Connie Hedegaard gave the keynote speech and was joined afterwards on the panel by Rhian Kelly, CBI, Giles Dickson, Alstom and Andy Kinsella, Mainstream Renewable Power. The event was chaired by Camilla Cavendish, associate editor at The Sunday Times.
  3. Keynote speaker Connie Hedegaard
    Keynote speaker Connie Hedegaard
  4. Listen here to Connie Hedegaard's speech and the rest of the debate.
  5. Around 150 representatives from across the climate and energy policy field joined us for the debate.
  6. Chair Camilla Cavendish says how much harder it has become to write about climate as it becomes more complex to explain:
  7. Chairperson Camilla Cavendish
    Chairperson Camilla Cavendish
  8. There followed a hard hitting speech from Connie Hedegaard ...
  9. She started out by saying, that there are three crises in Europe: an economic crisis, a social crisis, and a climate change crisis. She highlighted her profound belief that if there is a smart economic transition to tackle climate change, it will benefit Europe economically in the long term. She echoed investors' need for clarity on Europe's climate and energy future.
  10. Keynote speaker Connie Hedegaard
    Keynote speaker Connie Hedegaard
  11. She emphasised that the EU has to go beyond a greenhouse gas targets, underlining the need for renewable energy and energy efficiency targets.