Greener London Hustings

On 4 March 2016 we gave four mayoral candidates the chance to set out their vision and plans for a greener London to an audience of Londoners. The event was jointly hosted by Campaign for Better Transport, CPRE, Friends of the Earth, Green Alliance, Greenpeace, RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts and WWF.

  1. The candidates, Zac Goldsmith MP, Sadiq Khan, Sîan Berry and Caroline Pidgeon, debated questions on air pollution, energy, transport, climate and the natural environment. The debate was chaired by LBC's James O'Brien.
  2. There was standing room only as Green Alliance trustee, Catherine Howarth, introduced the speakers...
  3. #GreenerLondon hustings for #LondonMayor2016 about to kick-off, whoever is up for the cleanest, greenest and safest city will get my vote!
  4. The first challenge from the chair was on air quality and pollution...
  5. James O'Brien: "Will the candidates commit to phasing out all diesel black cabs and Public Hire Vehicles by 2020 and make the entire London bus fleet run on clean fuel by 2025?"
  6. Zac Goldsmith at #greenerlondon hustings; retrofit existing black cabs with LPG. All new buses ultra lo emissions by 2020
  7. .@sianberry is first to point out we need to reduce (motor) traffic demand as well as dealing with diesel - to applause #GreenerLondon
  8. .@SadiqKhan: expand ultra low emissions zone to all arterial roads. 300 buses/hr on Oxford street - pedestrianise it #GreenerLondon
  9. "The air on Oxford Street on some days is less clean than in New Delhi" - @SadiqKhan outlines London's air pollution problem #GreenerLondon
  10. - @ZacGoldsmith 'City Hall needs to ensure it doesn't enter into contracts w/ companies who don't retrofit their vehicles' #GreenerLondon
  11. Overwhelmingly all candidates seem to be pledging to reduce amount of traffic in London. Very positive #greenerlondon
  12. On walking and cycling...
  13. #GreenerLondon @sianberry we must spend the equivalent of the mini-Holland schemes in each Borough of London to improve life for pedestrians
  14. All arguing for segregated cycle lanes. Sian wants people to feel safe with no-helmet. Sadiq wants to build on progress made #greenerlondon
  15. Zac goes big on HGV danger to normal cyclists. Remove HGVs and you remove anxiety, he says. #GreenerLondon
  16. .@SadiqKhan Khan says he will stick up for public spaces vs private developers, cites Right to Roam under former Lab gov #GreenerLondon
  17. Great to hear @SadiqKhan reconfirm that he'll help make London a #NationalParkCity - linking to walking and biodiversity. #GreenerLondon
  18. LibDem @CarolinePidgeon points out walking and cycling are currently under the city's bus directorate, but must be separated #GreenerLondon
  19. .@CarolinePidgeon: London needs better conditions for visually impaired, children, cyclists #GreenerLondon
  20. "I'm worried there's too much agreement" says #GreenerLondon host. He's right - all candidates speak passionately about cutting pollution
  21. Less than 15 minutes into the hustings and #GreenerLondon was trending in London and the UK...
  22. Second challenge from the chair:
  23. "Will the candidates commit to making the capital a world leading solar city with a tenfold increase in solar capacity-equivalent to around 200,000 solar rooftops?"
  24. . @SadiqKhan wants to create "Energy for Londoners" which will audit public buildings for #solar panels. #GreenerLondon
  25. Sadiq Khan nods to Gov't subsidy cuts as restricting ambitions for London being a solar city at #GreenerLondon Mayoral hustings.
  26. #greenerlondon Zac defends govt cuts to solar. Suggests EU tariffs on Chinese solar panels are causing problems. Wants more roof solar
  27. Caroline Pidgeon calls for 'solar task force' to promote update in London, and also London feed-in tariff for solar #GreenerLondon
  28. London solar is a race to the top on targets: our 10x proposal is too low for the candidates. #GreenerLondon
  29. All candidates want a #solar #greenerlondon but none have said how they're going to fund it
  30. .@SadiqKhan commits to 200K solar roofs "half way through my second term" #GreenerLondon
  31. Greenpeace summarised:
  32. “Will candidates make sure London has solar panels on 200,000
more rooftops?” The answers again #GreenerLondon
    “Will candidates make sure London has solar panels on 200,000 more rooftops?” The answers again #GreenerLondon
  33. How would they improve energy efficiency for London homes was the next question...
  34. Sian Berry champions an energy company for London to tackle fuel poverty and compete with Big 6 #GreenerLondon
  35. .@sianberry wants landlord registers London wide to enforce better energy efficiency standards in private rented sector #GreenerLondon
  36. - @ZacGoldsmith 'In theory the #GreenDeal a good idea. But - it didn't work. Is possible to create an ESCO in #London' #GreenerLondon
  37. .@ZacGoldsmith tells #greenerlondon hustings landlords can pay for retrofits. "Have you ever lived in rented accommodation?" asks @mrjamesob
  38. On the topic of making London a greener and wilder city, the mayoral candidates were asked whether they would appoint a green infrastructure commissioner...
  39. Re investing in parks and green spaces - Sian Berry says "need for strategic person sitting in City Hall" to address issue #GreenerLondon
  40. Candidates were split on support for the proposed Garden Bridge...
  41. At #greenerlondon @CarolinePidgeon gets big applause when she says £60m public cash for #gardenbridge wld b better spent on parks across Ldn
  42. Tory @ZacGoldsmith would build popup parks & green up cul-de-sacs & turn "wastelands into jewels". He'd keep garden bridge #GreenerLondon
  43. Zac Goldsmith alone in his defence of garden bridge, says it's cheaper than people think #GreenerLondon
  44. .@ZacGoldsmith defends London garden bridge as a great place for marriage proposals #greenerlondon
  45. Sadiq Khan claims all public money already spent on the Garden Bridge but says questions remain about procurement #GreenerLondon
  46. Sian says we need green bridges across the M25 to link green spaces. #GreenerLondon
    Sian says we need green bridges across the M25 to link green spaces. #GreenerLondon
  47. There were also clashes on the issue of Heathrow airport expansion, and membership of the EU...
  48. .@SadiqKhan slammed by @ZacGoldsmith for supporting heathrow expansion and building on greenbelt #GreenerLondon.
  49. Labour, LibDem and Green mayoral candidates all say being in EU has made London greener. Zac equivocates! #greenerlondon
  50. The third and final challenge from the chair: "Would candidates harmonise London's recycling into one system, and make it a zero waste city?"
  51. Neither Caroline Pidgeon nor Sadiq Khan thought it was realistic to have only one recycling system across London and Zac Goldsmith said there shouldn't be one system of management, but there should be a single system of recycling standards.
  52. However, on making London a zero waste city...
  53. Clap for @sianberry suggesting eliminate single use plastic bottles from London. #GreenerLondon
  54. "I would like London to be a zero waste city" @ZacGoldsmith calls for standardised recycling standards (so does @sianberry) #greenerlondon
  55. James O'Brien wrapped up by asking each of the candidates to name one of their opponents most dangerous environmental policy...
  56. .@SadiqKhan starts w @ZacGoldsmith drive to leave the EU. ZG retorts w SK plan to take 1.9b out of @TfL (SK: "that's a lie") #GreenerLondon
  57. .@CarolinePidgeon says heard nothing from @ZacGoldsmith re getting cars off the road and getting congestion down #GreenerLondon
  58. #GreenerLondon hustings ends with @sianberry challenging @SadiqKhan and @ZacGoldsmith to cancel road building schemes inc silvertown tunnel
  59. Easily the most interesting London mayoral hustings. Policy-heavy, great questions and excellent chairing from James O'Brien #GreenerLondon
  60. That's a wrap! Strong pledges all round for a #GreenerLondon, now it's down to Londoners to hold them to account. Don't forget to vote May 5
  61. Still buzzing from #greenerlondon hustings last night, walking really seems to be on all the main candidates' agendas #lovelondonwalklondon
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  63. Watch the full recorded livestream of the event here:
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  65. Greener London was published before this event, a set of 20 practical proposals for the next mayor, jointly compiled by Campaign for Better Transport, CPRE, Friends of the Earth, Green Alliance, Greenpeace, National Trust, RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts and WWF.