Green Alliance summer reception 2017

On 13 July 2017, we hosted our summer reception, with introductory speeches by Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP and our executive director, Shaun Spiers.

  1. Two hundred people from across government, businesses, NGOs and the media attended the reception, held in the fantastic surroundings of IET London.
  2. I'm looking forward to hearing @michaelgove speak at this evening's @GreenAllianceUK reception. There's no shortage of things to talk about!
  3. Shaun Spiers began the evening by giving an overview of Green Alliance's current projects, including work on low carbon energy, industrial strategy and new market approaches to restoring nature, as well as our work with the Greener UK coalition, focused on the risks and opportunities of Brexit.
  4. "Been in post six days longer than @michaelgove " says @ShaunSpiers1 at @GreenAllianceUK summer reception so perfectly positioned to advise.
  5. He expressed disappointment at the Repeal Bill (European Union Withdrawal Bill) published earlier in the day, and his concerns about the 'governance gap', ie who will monitor, implement and enforce laws as they come across from the EU to the UK, saying the bill "falls well short of expectations."
  6. Green Alliance CEO said tonight to Michael Gove that the Repeal Bill published today was a "great disappointment"
  7. Shaun Spiers introduced Michael Gove to the stage.
  8. “It really is very exciting to have an environment secretary who’s passionate about the cause but also committed to making a real difference.”
  9. The secretary of state spoke about his love for the environment whilst growing up in Scotland and emphasised that history was a warning on climate change.
  10. "My commitment to the environment springs from the heart" @michaelgove at our event last night
  11. Very interesting to hear @michaelgove describe the lessons history can teach about climate change impacts at @GreenAllianceUK this evening
  12. He also touched on opportunities to reshape environmental regulation and the role that Defra plays.
  13. "I have an opportunity to write a new chapter in the history of this country, to strengthen the protection and to enhance the quality of our environment."
  14. .@michaelgove announces that he is in "listening mode" regarding the environment at @GreenAllianceUK's Summer Reception.
  15. #RepealBill "I'm in listening mode" "this is an opportunity to reshape ...role that my department plays" @michaelgove at our event yesterday
  16. The speech was primarily focused on the unique challenges of replacing the common agricultural (CAP) and common fisheries policies. He stressed concern that CAP wasn't designed to put the environment first and said he wanted to align farming and environmental interests.
  17. Want to see new land use policy promote planting of trees for soil, carbon and other benefits @michaelgove tells @GreenAllianceUK reception
  18. "Any replacement for the CAP should ensure that farmers are rewarded for providing environmental goods."
  19. Strongest indication so far from @michaelgove at @GreenAllianceUK event that future #farm grants will be for enviro goods. @charlottebsmith
  20. At our summer reception last night: New UK fishery policy that "puts marine conservation at the heart of what we do" @michaelgove
  21. @GreenAllianceUK We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to ensure we develop institutions &mechanisms the world will admire, to protect environment -Gove
  22. "We have a chance to make this chapter one of global significance, one that people can look back on and say that our generation lived up to that challenge, and passed onto the next generation a planet that was greener, cleaner, better, richer."
  23. .@michaelgove Opportunity to make UK global leader on all env issues. I will spend more time listening than talking! @GreenAllianceUK
  24. Good company, speeches & view at @GreenAllianceUK summer party. And very nice to catch up with happy ex defranauts @feltjam & @DrColinChurch
  25. Watch the full speech here:
  26. Green Alliance Summer Reception 2017
  27. Great to hear heartfelt passion for the natural envt from @michaelgove @GreenAllianceUK reception earlier: now we need action to deliver
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