Catalyst debates 2014: Feeding Britain - can we do it sustainably?

This debate, held on 8 July 2014, discussed how prepared companies are for changes in food supply and price shocks, how sustainability fits within the approaches they are currently using, and whether UK food security can really be delivered sustainably.


  1. On our expert panel were Duncan Pollard,Nestlé AVP stakeholders engagement in sustainability; Penny Fowler, Oxfam’s head of private sector advocacy; Dr Tara Garnett, director of the Food Climate ResearchNetwork at the University of Oxford; and Teresa Fabian, director forsustainability and climate change at PwC. It was chaired by Tamsin Cooper,Green Alliance’s strategy director.
  2. Watch the highlights of the debate here:
  3. Catalyst debates 2014: Feeding Britain: Can we do it sustainably?
  4. Tamsin Cooper opened the debateby setting out the range of social and environmental pressures that will hitthe global food system over the next 40 years, and the need for responses thatconsider the impact of diets and food waste alongside increasing the foodsupply.
  5. Teresa Fabian described the challenges inherent inincreasing food production by 60 per cent by 2030.
  6. Duncan Pollard highlighted how the foodsector’s understanding of sustainability has changed in recent years, goingbeyond certification to include human rights, deforestation and labour issues.
  7. Dr Tara Garnett emphasised the importance ofreducing animal products in our diets to increase the resilience of the foodsystem.
  8. Penny Fowler highlighted the potential forpartnerships between companies and NGOs to tackle deep-rooted social andenvironmental challenges.