#SciCommLit April 2014 - #PAS2014 - public trust in science

For the April #SciCommLit twitter chat, we were looking at the Public Attitudes to Science 2014 report with a focus on chapter 6 - trust and confidence in science.


  1. In advance of the online chat, BIS pointed to the infographics produced from the work.
  2. Coincidentally, Dr Dave Hone shared his reflections about the report in an article for the Guardian published on the same day.
  3. The report looks at many different aspects of trust, so we started there...
  4. As one of the report commissioners, Marilyn Booth wanted to know what we thought of the results
  5. The difference in levels of trust between men and women was one thing that was noted.

  6. There were also discussions about trust towards institutions

  7. A few wondered whether the high levels of trust of university scientists were more a reflection of an idealised view of these institutions than the reality...