Occupy Des Moines, Obama campaign protests

Demonstrators with Veterans for Peace and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, teamed with members of Occupy Des Moines, staged two protests on Saturday, Dec. 17 outside of President Obama's Des Moines campaign office.


  1. The Veterans for Peace and Occupy Des Moines demonstrators arrived shortly before 11:30 a.m. to begin their protest. They'd planned on visiting with campaign staffers and possibly risking arrest, however they arrived to find the office closed. Campaign officials did not respond to requests for comment.
  2. Using the "mic check" technique, several demonstrators shared stories and called for an end to the "U.S. military empire." Demonstrators travelled from other Iowa occupations and from the Occupy Omaha group to be at the protest. 
  3. Occupy Des Moines Occupy Obama's campaign headquarters office!
  4. Finding the office closed, the Occupy Des Moines members decided to "annex" Obama's headquarters and set up a 24/7 occupation, hanging a sign on the door that reads "Obama's former headquarters." By 2:30, two tents had been set up.
  5. Shortly after 2:30, members and organizers with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement arrived to protest the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's "Secure Communities" program, which they say results in the deportation of non-threatening immigrants. 
  6. Following the ICCI protest, Occupy Des Moines demonstrators settled in for the night, hanging an "Occupy Obama" sign from the roof of the headquarters and putting several posters up on the sides of the office.
  7. Demonstrators had relatively quiet second day at the "annexed" camp outside of Obama's headquarters. no arrests have been reported so far. Police officers came to meet with demonstrators at 11:20 and 3:00, as well as an Obama campaign representative.