The End of The Bold Italic

The San Francisco site seemed to be doing everything right, until it shut down.


  1. RIP TBI 馃槩 #thebolditalic @thebolditalic
    RIP TBI 馃槩 #thebolditalic @thebolditalic
  2. The San Francisco hyperlocal site The Bold Italic did the things we say publications should do to be successful: they started with design thinking, they knew their audience, they planned for a future without advertising, and they held events. But still they failed.
  3. Editors, writers, and fans mourned.
  4. Editor-in-chief, Jennifer Maerz, quickly wrote a moving piece remembering some of her favorite Bold Italic stories and events and thanking Gannett for the opportunity to produce quality stories.
  5. At least one person speculates that the decision to shut down The Bold Italic is related to Gannett's upcoming split into two segments: Publishing, and Broadcast and Digital.
  6. So far, we have a good overview of what the company did, but not what went wrong. I hope in days to come we hear the money story. Were they losing money hand over foot? Were they close to breaking even, but it didn't seem like they were going to make it? Were they profitable, but Gannett lost interest?
  7. The only way to avoid heartbreaking failures in the future is to know what went wrong with those of the past--especially those that seemed so promising.