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TV Hackfest SF

A recap of the TV Hackfest at Appsworld San Francisco


  1. TV Hackfest is one of a few hackathons organized by The Hackfest. This time it was held in conjunction with Appsworld North America in Moscone Center West, San Francisco. 
  2. About 80 hackers arrived to build the next generation of television apps and experiences. Most of them started out by catching Steve Wozniak's opening keynote at Appsworld.
  3. After which, the hackathon started in earnest, beginning with presentations by all the fine API sponsors of the event.
  4. Our team was on hand to help hackers use eyeQ, our TV listings API, and Entourage, our Automatic Content Recognition SDK.
  5. Hacking commenced, and continued for the next 24 hours.
  6. When all was said and done, 14 hacks were produced and demoed, you can read about them on the Hacker League page. Some of our favorites included Up 'n Down, a mobile voting app that groups of friends can use to quickly find something they would all enjoy watching.
  7. MadTags! was a Cards Against Humanity-style game for mobile devices, which recognized the TV show you were watching using the Gracenote Entourage ACR SDK, and then allowed multiple players to play a game of Cards Against Humanity based on tags from the show. It was made by a team of developers from Comcast, who happened to be the reigning champions from last year's event.
  8. News Board gave a beautiful user interface to reading news on your TV, and used Gracenote's music APIs to select a playlist that matched the content of the news being read.