Here we will list current requests for submissions based on our current content calendar...


  1. Cancer: 8/18

  2. Survivors wanted: men’s stories of cancer. For an upcoming theme on The Good Life, we are soliciting submissions by and about men who have been affected by cancer. First-person stories and feature articles on men and cancer are both welcome. Topics we would like to see include, but are not limited to: Men caring for loved ones with cancer. What was the hardest experience associated with this task? What was the most remarkable, life-affirming, or loving thing you did or witnessed? Men’s stories of receiving a cancer diagnosis: How did you initially respond? Did you find support from loved ones and friends? What was treatment like? Survivor stories: How has your life changed since ending treatment? How do you handle fear, stress, physical limitations? Do you provide care for men with cancer? What have you learned that might help others? Which cancers are men at highest risk for, and are there ways to reduce those risks? If you have a story or a pitch for an article, email Justin Cascio at by the August 18 deadline for consideration. Image of infusion bottles with iv courtesy of Shutterstock
  3. Suicide: 8/11

  4. Suicide is a men’s issue. Although women are three times more likely to attempt suicide, men are four times as likely to die of suicide as women. How has suicide affected your life? Has someone close to you committed suicide? What are the continuing effects? Have you ever considered suicide? Did you attempt it? What is the reason you are still here today? Can suicide be prevented? The Good Life invites you to share your stories, photos, poetry, and articles on men and suicide. Pitch, or send your submissions, to Justin Cascio, Senior Editor of The Good Men Project, at Completed articles are due by Saturday, August 11 for consideration. Submission guidelines here. Suicide poster image courtesy of Shutterstock