MIT celebrates outgoing president - Susan Hockfield

Susan Hockfield, president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) last February announced she would be stepping down after almost eight years in office. The MIT Corporation yesterday announced Venezuelan-born Rafael Reif, a prof of electrical engineering as Hockfield's successor.


  1. Hockfield Day was marked today in MIT to celebrate the outgoing president.  "Hockfield’s tenure has been marked by her energetic response to two seemingly competing imperatives: to keep MIT at the forefront of research universities by continuing its history of bold action, to the benefit of its students and in service to the nation and the world; and to preserve MIT’s financial resources in the midst of the most pronounced economic downturn in United States history since the Great Depression," writes Mass High Tech
  2. “It is so clear to me that what has happened in the last seven years is because of all of us,” Hockfield said in her remarks to the community. “It has been thrilling to be president during such a remarkable time.”
  3. “I want MIT to be the dream of every child who wants to grow up to make the world a better place. We need to reach those young explorers and bring them with us on the great adventure of discovery and innovation.” - Hockfield in a vision statement posted on MIT site. It is likely from one of her earlier speeches on assumption of office.
  4. She was the first woman and the first biologist to lead MIT. During her tenure, MIT launched research initiatives on cancer, energy, the environment and manufacturing, as well as EdX, the online learning initiative with Harvard.
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  7. Outgoing president Hockfield cutting MIT's 150 anniversary cake last year.
  8. Susan Hockfield (MIT President) cutting the HUGE MIT150 Cake
  9. "American higher education is an extraordinary jewel that I think our nation appreciates less than it should." -  Hockfield.  She worries about federal funding for research, America's commitment to maintaining its place as the leader in technology and innovation.

  10. Charlie Rose - Susan Hockfield, the president of MIT