Bomb blast in Kaduna

Last Sunday, Easter day, was another black Sunday in Nigeria. Over 60 people died in a bomb blast in the city of Kaduna. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blast but all fingers point to Boko Haram, the dreaded Islamic fundamentalist group.


  1. Kaduna BOMB blast (Live)
  2. Most of the victims were commercial motorcycle riders popularly known as Okada riders. This youtube video shows some of them who were injured in the blast.

  3. Suggestions as to how government should handle the security threat are as many as there are Nigerians perturbed by the situation.  The crisis in the Niger Delta led to the creation of the Ministry of Niger Delta.  Now some are calling for the creation of a ministry to tackle development issues in the north. Ministry for Boko Haram? This suggestion actually came from the United States
  4. Others want government to deploy more dogs to the region to do what the police cannot do.
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  12. KANO BOMB BLAST VIDEO 20/1/2012
  13. Bomb blast in Kaduna. sun Aprl 8th 2012