The Best eCommerce Wordpress Themes for 2014

I'll be going through my Favourite WooCommerce (Wordpress eCommerce) Themes from 2013 that'll serve you the best in the New Year, Happy 2014!


  1. WooCommerce 2.0 was released in 2013, and with it came a whole new Game to Wordpress based eCommerce. Wordpress used to be a platform designed mainly for blogging, but now with the awesome functionality, SEO options and more, you'll get massive functionality out of it for ANY project you're looking to do.
    I wish I could show case some Free designs, but unfortunately right now, it doesn't seem many designers are willing to put out there fantastic pieces of work for free. Luckily most of the themes I will showcase won't break your bank and offer some fantastic functionality.
  2. Room09 is a Theme by YI (aka Your Inspiration) who we'll also show case later on in our designs. They've always done great WooCommerce themes and this one is their best in my opinion, showcasing all the functionality of their previous work mashed into one fantastic theme with some awesome design and to kick it all off, they even have made Room09 Responsive.
  3. This design by PrimaDesigns is a fantastic Theme that has a ton of functionality and is fully responsive. It has loads of options and can be kitted to fit almost any businesses needs, as you can see by the example design below, it has everything an Online Shop owner could want in a Premium Theme.
  4. MayaShop is also by Yi and they built this theme as a functional yet responsive WooCommerce theme for people looking to sell their items to anybody on all devices, if your target market ranges vastly, then MayaShop is probably the best WooCommerce theme you can get your hands on.
  5. Crux is a fairly new theme that was bought out at the end of 2013, it's an awesome modern WooCommerce theme with some fantastic features. If you're looking for a site that's based around conversions then this theme is definitely the one for you. At $55 it's a steal for the load of feature it includes as well.
  6. Viroshop was one of the most successful WooCommerce themes in 2013 on the ThemeForest Marketplace. PixelStores designed Viroshop as a super slick theme aimed at a minimalist audience.
    If you're looking for a theme that offers easy branding placement and a super slick header with fantastic slider integration than I couldn't recommend any other theme but Viroshop.