How the Boundless #CampusBattle Started a Textbook Revolution

To kick off the Spring 2013 semester in full gear we hosted #CampusBattle, a competition amongst all Boundless marketing teams on campuses across the country. Each team's objective was to stack up as many registrations as possible in one week. Needless to say, competition was fierce!


  1. Boundless Campus Marketing Managers were armed with donuts, Arizona Iced Teas, candy, and all sorts of goodies to win their crowds.
  2. Believe it or not, University of Florida and Boston University were battling so hard that in less than 24 hours Manager Michael Cuello of UF hit a personal best of hundreds of signups in one day only one hour before Justin Herman from BU hit his. Cuello guaranteed a spot at the top of the podium and took home the Grand Prize for most #CampusBattle registrations while Herman's BU team won second place. The third place was taken by Elizabeth Becker from UMiami who reached her mark before the end of the second day! That's some tough competition! 
  3. Our top 3 contenders were not the only ones working hard. Caroline Lievens rocked at the University of Illinois by signing up hundreds of students for Boundless in less than a week.  

    Some of our other MVPs included Carlos Hernandez from University of South Florida, Amy Tran from UHouston and Mark Veikos from Boston College - they all made the Boundless #CampusBattle a crazy successful week!
  4. Boundless Marketing Managers and their team of campus reps set up tables, blitzed, flyered, talked to students, and professors.
  5. Students are all smiles when they find out they can save money and learn faster with Boundless!
  6. With a record amount Arizona Iced Teas given out at our tables on campuses nationwide, this became our unofficial motto for the week. 
  7. Our target campuses are split by regions: National, Local, and Regional schools. Their respective supervisors were brought to the ring on the last 3 days of battle! Mirella started off strong with Regional schools joining the competition, but her glory didn't last. Gemma landed a sucker-punch when her BU Manager raced to the top. She could almost taste victory when Kelsey struck a round-house kick that crushed her opponents with her awesome National numbers. 
  8. By the end of the week, our Campus Marketing teams had not only started a Textbook Revolution but they got thousands of people to sign up for Boundless! Many thanks to all those who participated in our first Campus Battle, you guys rocked! You can keep up with all our campus events and free textbook updates by following Boundless on Twitter.