Professional Gender of Women in Media

I'm not overly feminist but I find it extremely interesting that women in a media spotlight are portrayed as having male stereotypical attributes. Whether it be a woman in a professional role that has nearly any kind of power, or a strongly proactive feminist.

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  1. This is an interesting tweet from Allie Zminda to open up this topic for discussion. Feminists are women fighting for women's rights and for the equality of gender. However, the way that media portrays these proactive feminists makes them seem like they want equality so badly, that they are trying to literally take on a male stereotype to prove they're capable. This isn't always the case, of course, but definitely one people stereotype about feminists.
  2. On television shows, such as The Bachlor, the women are expected to be in the competition for love, and love alone! Jennifer Weiner makes a humourous comment on questioning the role of a women in reality tv shows.
  3. "Binders Full of Women": Romney on Pay Equity for Women - Town Hall Debate - Elections 2012
  4. Oh, the ongoing joke about Mitt Romney and his "binders full of women". However, he makes an excellent point (if you dismiss his off wording) about women being just as qualitifed as men in a professional setting.
  5. This tweet from Blue Lotus is interesting in regards to women's roles in a professional environment. They suggest that women are equally as biased to women as men are. Could this be because these professional women expect other women to live up to traditionally male run business?
  6. In this BBC news article, they discuss the issue in China of referring to unmarried females over the age of 29 as "leftover women" because of China's long tradition of marrying young. The women interviewed in this article are either close to or old enough to be considered "leftover" but are also thriving in their professional careers. Is it necessary for women to choose between marriage and a career?
  7. This tweet looks at an opinion from the male side of feminism. Why is it that women are allowed to be "abusive", but aren't forced into taking the fall for what they did? We constantly hear stories about male to female abuse and how horrible it is that they do these things, but rarely (if ever) hear about women's abuse on men.
  8. Women in military are typically stereotyped as "butch" women, because the thought of people in combat bring forth the image of a big muscular male in camo print. Women in the military have to fight harder to prove themselves to the males so that they will be treated as equals. This is why Kari O'Hara tweets that women must be competitive in the military, simply to prove that they are strong. 
  9. This tweet also makes a good point about women in a career. Just like in the military, as stated above, women fight for equality, but in doing so push themselves to become superior to the male in the same position to prove themselves.
  10. This article hosted on discusses the wage gap between men and women in economic leadership positions. Although men are still leading in highest wages in top positions, many firms are hiring on females for top positions. This means the wage gap in gender is finally beginning to close.
  11. Finally, we come to a close with an article hosted on The Guardian website that discusses the lack of gender diversity in law careers. There is a lack of female judges around the world, and Lady Hale, UK's only female judge, believes that with more diversity, court may have better outcomes.