Destination China Summer School 2017

Building on Global BU's successful Destination Programmes launched in 2016, students from Bournemouth University had an exciting opportunity to study, travel and immerse themselves in contemporary Chinese culture, education and industry as part of the 2017 Destination China Summer School.


  1. China 11th May (3 of 5)
    China 11th May (3 of 5)
  2. Introduction to Campus Life in China

  3. BU Students recieved a warm welcome at BNUZ where they spent two weeks learning about comtemporary China, campus life and universities and participating in a broad range of events and activities related to entrepreneurship and innovation.
  4. Classes as Part of the Summer School

  5. Students were immersed in global education through their participation in a range of interactive classes where they found out more about China's place in the world, contemporary Chinese economy, society and business. There was a range of hands-on activities, such as interactive lectures and co-created exercises where students had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge on entrepreneurship and innovation.
  6. China - 13th  (5 of 17)
    China - 13th (5 of 17)
  7. China - 13th  (9 of 17)
    China - 13th (9 of 17)
  8. China - 12th  (2 of 9)
    China - 12th (2 of 9)
  9. Participation in GFoL China

  10. Students had the opportunity to engage in various Global Festival of Learning (GFoL) roles as part of Destination China Summer School. Some students were involved as presenters, another group of BU students took part in real-life research projects on Chinese global talent and other students took part in filming and interviewing.
  11. China 11th May (5 of 5)
    China 11th May (5 of 5)
  12. Involvement in Professional Roles
  13. Through their involvement in professional roles at the Festival, BU students had the opportunity to acquire international work experience and develop important skills such as cross-cultural communication, resilience and problem-solving.