When To Have A Sports Massage Treatment?

Sports massage and sports therapy, When is the best time to be treated by your osteopath? Here we look at a couple of scenarios.

  1. I quite often get asked questions on twitter which I'm only too pleased to answer, but sometime the 140 limit doesn't give me the room to answer them as fully as want to. I'm going to try this way to answer them the way I'd want to. So here's my full answer.
  2. @GlasgowOsteo when's the best time in a training cycle to get sports massage treatment? just before the race? at peak training?
  3. Rhona has given lots of examples of where and when are the best time to go for an osteopathic sports massage treatment. The short answer is all of them are appropriate, but you would be looking at different aims or for different outcomes depending where in the cycle you were of training, tappering, racing or resting.
  4. @rhinomittens You can use it to maintain you and possibly stop things getting painful. If that's the case use as part of training (cont)
  5. @rhinomittens (cont) Just as you would stretching. Probably wouldn't advise day before race, unless to allow you to race. can provoke inflam
  6. You could have treatment to maintain your training and racing schedule. I think of these as preventative treatment to stop any training injuries stopping you. I do treat a number of Ultra runners on this basis
  7. @GlasgowOsteo thanks! just thinking about when best to have one before marathon on 2nd sept. no real pain, just tired stiff overworked legs!
  8. In this case having one or two treatments to loosen stiff muscles is probably what's called for. If there was any pain, I'd say get in as quick as you can and try and nip it the bud before it becomes a real problem ruining all your plans.
  9. @GlasgowOsteo maybe after training is done+taper begins, 3wks before the race...?
  10. The timing is a good one. Just for general loosening I'd say not in the last week before a race as the treatment, particularly if it's a deep one can lead to inflammation. That isn't normally a problem as the inflamed or bruised feeling should go once you get moving. If it's a gentle treatment more aimed at moving the muscles and joints then you could have that almost right up to the start of the race.
  11. There is one case when a really deep treatment is called for in the days before racing. That is the example above when we treated @pyllon one of the best ultra runners in Scotland. A groin strain was making him consider pulling out of a race. I treated him on the Thursday and his groin strain was so much improved that he was able to line up for the start.

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