#Tanzania: MPs mobilise to end child marriage

Highlights from a parliamentary-civil society meeting held by the Tanzania Ending Child Marriage Network (TECM) on 9 February 2017.


  1. Parliamentarians in Tanzania vowed to work together to champion legal efforts to end child marriage.

  2. 37% of girls in Tanzania are married before 18. The Law of Marriage Act (1971) lets girls as young as 14 marry.

  3. Last summer, the High Court ruled the country's age of marriage laws unconstitutional. Yet six months later, the law remains unchanged.

  4. Parliamentarians hold the key to changing the laws and policies that will protect girls from child marriage. They can bring others on board too.

  5. Events like these, bringing civil society and parliamentarians together, pave the way for a stronger movement to end child marriage in Tanzania.

  6. This is part of a broader effort to mobilise parliamentarians. In September, the African Union trained parliamentarians to become champions against child marriage. Why it matters:

  7. For more updates, follow the Tanzania Ending Child Marriage Network: @EndCEFM and  http://tanzaniaendingchildmarriagenetwork.blogspot.co.uk/