Jon Henley Guardian Masterclass

George Nixon's Live tweeting of a masterclass by Guardian feature writer Jon Henley on feature writing and digital storytelling


  1. Hey guys, because I'm a nerd I spent my birthday up at the Guardian's offices in St Pancras, attending a masterclass/seminar/lecture by senior feature writer Jon Henley on digital storytelling and feature writing. In it he talked about the way in which the internet has completely changed the way in which we do journalism, and interact with "the people formerly known as the audience". He then talked about feature writing in general, the do's and don't's, and how he himself goes about writing one. His writing is magnificent so I'd suggest checking it out in your spare time, but for second years for your features, and online projects, and also for first years looking ahead to their second year, this might be really useful for you guys. So here's my live tweeting of it. Everything in quotation marks is from the man's mouth.
  2. If you're not interested in writing features (although if not, why not?) then you can stop here and log off.
  3. So that's that. I loved it and found it so interesting. If anyone's interested in any more detail please feel free to drop me a line or come and find me. Thanks guys.