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Why You Should Hire Geoff Campbell

If you made it here it's probably because I sent you a link and I want you to hire me. Let me give you an idea of who I am and what experience I can bring to your organization that no resume can provide.


  1. I've lived and traveled all over North America.
  2. I earned my bachelor's degree at Mount Allison University, considered the best undergraduate university in Canada.
  3. While I was there I learned a lot. I studied International Relations and one of my papers was published in an Undergraduate Academic Journal.
  4. On the advice of one of my professors I started writing outside of class. I initially focused on things with which I was most familiar.
  5. Then I branched out a bit into the unfamiliar (at least to me).
  6. Soon after, I started writing for the admissions office and continued until I graduated in 2012.
  7. While I worked there I shared about my life through words, photos and video.
  8. In my junior year of college I discovered that NPR had made a video which included a story about me creating their Facebook page back when I was in high school.
  9. In short, realizing that working professionals paid so much attention to my creating a Facebook page before them convinced me social media management could be a major part of my future career.
  10. At Mount Allison University, my blog eventually caught the eye of the school's Communications and Marketing Office which hired me as a paid intern.
  11. There I wrote news articles and created other written and visual content on behalf of the school.
  12. My most important accomplishment, however, occurred when I conducted a social media audit and drafted the school's first social media strategy and guidelines.
  13. I also did much of the planning, interviewing, and promotion of the school's 20-video series designed to reduce summer admissions melt.
  14. I then moved on to doing videography and with a student volunteer, created a piece on graduating students discussing their future to give prospective students an idea of the value of the Mount Allison University experience.
  15. Mount Allison Class of 2012 Graduating Students