United We Thrive: The Power of Intergenerational Unity

New report highlights the huge benefits of intergenerational programs.


  1. Generations United and The Eisner Foundation released survey findings in the new report, I Need You, You Need Me: The Young, the Old, and What We Can Achieve Together on May 16 at the National Press Club in the Holeman Lounge.
  2. The Eisner Foundation also honored New York-based nonprofit DOROT with The Eisner Prize for Intergenerational Excellence at the event.
  3. Journalist and political analyst, Juan Williams, moderated a panel of experts in the intergenerational field: Dr. Ernest Gonzales, assistant professor at Boston University School of Social Work; Rev. Hal Garman, founder of Gaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative; Nouf Bazaz, senior fellow at Organization for Resource Development & Education and Dr. Joan Lombardi, international expert on Child Development and Social policy.
  4. Our Board member, Jatrice Martel Gaiter, closed out the event by challenging attendees to do three things.
  5. The report's intergenerational solutions and actionable ways to harness the benefits of connecting generations include lobbying your local government to make age integration a core value and calling on organizations that serve the young to collaborate with those that serve the old.