Transforming Slums

An initiative led by Geneva Global and the Legatum Foundation to explore and expand thinking and perspectives about the phenomenon of slums and urbanization around the world and to propose tangible innovative, game-changing interventions for transformation.

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  1. Why Focus on Slums?

    There are over one billion people currently living in slums, which is about one-third of the urban population in developing countries. This number will likely double by 2030, making the topic of slum transformation an urgent priority. 

    In response, the Legatum Foundation, and its philanthropic advisor, Geneva Global, are developing a program to tackle the issue. Here's how we are approaching the issue

  2. The issue of slum transformation illustrated by Lindsay Noble
    The issue of slum transformation illustrated by Lindsay Noble
  3. Turning Ideas Into Action: A Slum Convening

     As a first step, we convened a range of thought leaders to examine the topic from both from a philosophical standpoint (Why do slums exist? Should we be helping?) as well as practical standpoint (What can be done to improve conditions? What’s the best way to address the root causes?). 

    The event brought together approximately 25 leaders from multiple sectors with track records of innovation, entrepreneurialism, and social passion from business, community and INGO backgrounds. 

    By the end of the event, the group settled on seven potential ideas that will be further explored by the Legatum Foundation and Geneva Global. To learn more and stay updated on developments, please connect to Legatum (@legatum) and Geneva Global (@GenevaGlobal).

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  4. Attendees include:

    Manoel Antônio, Founder, Instituto de Desenvolvimento Evangélico

    Lexi Balfour, Associate, Geneva Global

    Ruma Bose, Serial Entrepreneur & Author

    Nicolas Boys-Smith, Founder & Director, Createstreets

    Dale Buscher, Senior Director for Programs, Women's Refugee Commission

    Adrienne Cernigoi, Assistant Editor, Touchline UAE

    Jennie Collins, Consultant, Geneva Global

    Mauricio Cunha, Founder, Center for Assistance and Integral Development

    Celine D’Cruz, Co-founder, Slum Dwellers International

    David Dahlin, Consultant, Geneva Global

    Fernando de Sousa, Managing Director, Microsoft 4Afrika

    Andrew Doust, Vice President of Strategy, Legatum

    Lubega Edriss, Community Leader, National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda

    Larry English, CEO, Homeless International

    Shira Gitomer, Program Director, Geneva Global

    Katana Goretti, Community Leader, National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda

    Molly Hellerman, Senior Strategy Manager, Atlassian   

    Luisa Higson, Content Administrator, Legatum

    Jonathan Hursh, Founder & CEO, Included.Cities

    Rajendra Joshi, Founder & Managing Trustee, SAATH

    Jonathan Kalan, Journalist & Media Entrepreneur

    Saurabh Khetrapal, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Sales Portal

    Ava Lala, Director, Geneva Global

    Lindsay Noble, Graphic Designer, Mosaic Creative

    Janice Perlman, Founder & Author, Mega Cities

    Peter Rabley, Director, Omidyar Network
    David Rice, CEO, AfriCapitalism           

    Steve Smolinsky, Adjunct Professor, Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania
    Vaidehi Tandel, Associate Vice President, Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC) Foundation 

    Pramod Vasant, Director, Committed Communities Development Trust  (CCDT)

    Prachi Vidwans, Assistant Editor, Foreign Policy Magazine

    Prashant Yadav, Senior Fellow, University of Michigan’s William Davidson Institute

  5. Several of our impressive attendees have received great press for their work:

    Janice Perlman discusses her experience with Brazil's favelas. 

  6. Janice Perlman: In Brazil, Living in a Favela Carries a Bigger Stigma than the "Wrong" Skin Color
  7. Jonathan Hursh was recently profiled in the Economist for the great work his organization, INCLUDED, is doing in China.
  8. A look at Rajendra Joshi’s work through Saath. 

  9. Conversations at the Slum Convening

  10. A collection of different articles and perspectives on slums: