Impact of big data on gender and women's rights

Tweetchat with Anita Gurumurthy and Nicole Shephard


  1. We scheduled our tweetchat on the impact of big data on gender and women's rights for 12 UTC on 28th June and were hugely pleased by the response we got. It seems feminists do care about big data!
  2. We began with just wanting to understand/explain some of the basic concepts.
  3. Nicole elaborated further..
  4. So that tells us all about big data. But what is dataveillance, other than just data and surveillance put together.
  5. And should we fear only big data? No, our experiences of micro surveillance and control within the family structure or other institutions like schools, colleges etc. tell feminists that surveillance has been a historically known experience for women.
  6. Remember the instance when a woman in Bangalore, India figured out that Uber was overcharging women clients who want to use their cab service at night. Uber's promise is to provide safe transport but this is available to women in certain parts of the world only at a ramped-up price. The algorithm that Uber uses determines what price a person will pay - and it relies on data such as gender and location. A more recent example is that of surge pricing in London after an attack.
  7. We also had simultaneous translation of some of the tweets for our readers who speak Espanol
  8. Our next question to our glorious feminist writers and thinkers was about the relevance of big data.