"B-b-b-but what about 'black-on-black crime'?"

(Because we're all tired of having to explain it over and over.)


  1. Let's acknowledge here that a lot of people who are "asking" this question aren't really asking — they're trying to use black crime rates to derail conversations about police violence.

    Let's also acknowledge that violence done to citizens by the state — because the police are agents of the state, obviously — has different social ramifications for communities than violence committed between members of the public at large.

    Still, it's important to understand the extent to which these two phenomena — "black-on-black crime" and "bad, ineffective policing" — are deeply intertwined. Put another way: "911 Is A Joke," Self-Destruction," and "Fuck tha Police" are all about the same thing. — G.D.
  2. "In the North, police worked to protect white spaces by containing and controlling the rising black population that had been propelled into the industrial belt during the Great Migration. It was not unusual for Northern police to join white mobs as they attacked black homeowners attempting to move into white neighborhoods, or black workers trying to take jobs reserved for white laborers. And yet they strictly enforced vagrancy laws, catch-alls that gave them wide discretion to stop, question and arrest black citizens at will.

    Much has changed since then. Much has not." — Nikole Hannah-Jones, "A Letter From Black America"