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Amherst Regional High School closed over weapons threat

Amherst Regional High School is closed today after school officials were informed of a social media post that "referenced the possibility of an ARHS student carrying a weapon on school grounds," according to a statement on the school's website.


  1. School officials confirm this is the Friday Facebook post on Amherst Regional High Confessions that lead to the closure:
  2. Response:
  3. I am literally never going to school again. Thank you for this excuse.
  4. Response:
  5. you know they take this shit serious, they're probably gonna start searching everybody now that you posted this....
  6. Response:
  7. Thanks for one day less of summer
  8. Response:
  9. They have to make it up. I know you'll take any excuse to get out of school, but they have no reason not to make this up
  10.  Response:
  11. Sammy they can't count this is a snow day.
  12. ****************************************************************************************************************************
  13. Over the weekend, we received information from a social media post that referenced the possibility of...
  14. Amherst Regional High School is closed today due to "unforeseen circumstance."