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#MCN2015 - MCN Minneapolis, the Cogapp experience

Gavin Mallory, Andy Cummins and Tristan Roddis just got back from MCN2015 in Minneapolis, having collectively travelled over 24,000 miles and enjoyed many presentations from fellow digital professionals. This post is a recap on our contributions to the conference.


  1. We did three talks and one workshop:
  2. Below are the slides from each presentation and a selection of tweets.

  3. IIIF, the International Image Interoperability Framework

  4. See also:
  5. IIIF viewer demo - a Cogapp Labs project to demo different viewers that utilise IIIF
  6. The Transcriptinator - gamifying crowd-sourced transcription corrections
  7. IIIF support for the Qatar Digital Library - more detail on how we made IIIF work for QDL

  8. Making Meaning with Online Collections: Ten Top Tips