Frustrated With Too Much Testing in Schools?

What you can do today ...


  1. In today's world of high stakes testing ...
  2. This baby will take a standardized test in just a few years ...
  3. Our kids waste hours and hours and hours of schooling taking and preparing for these tests...
  4. It's time for the madness to stop! Our kids say, "Enough!"
  5. What can you do ?
  6. Check out the Network for Public Education for actions.
  7. Keep an eye on Twitter - search the hashtag #TESTHearingsNow
  8. Learn the issues, call your Representatives and Senators, and educate them on the misuse of standardized testing in schools.
  9. Join Dr. Diane Ravitch in calling for Congressional hearings on the misuse of testing!
  10. Pt. 3 Diane Ravitch Press Conference
  11. Let your leaders know we are holding them accountable.
  12. Tell them to stop funding big testing corporations and fund our schools !!
  13. Let's end this testing insanity for good ... then we can do the happy dance :)
  14. By @GatorbonBC - My Snark Is My Own