Gary Kapanowski: A Leader in Accounting

Gary Kapanowski


  1. Gary Kapanowski has spent over fifteen years working within the accounting sector. Presently he works at Moeller Manufacturing, a Wixom, Michigan company that manufactures machined parts for gas turbine aircraft engine and the power generation industries and. He received his degree in Accounting from the University of Michigan. Gary Kapanowski also teaches the Six Sigma and Balance Scorecard business model method at the Lawrence Technological University Professional Development Center.
  2. Fully understanding the Lean Sigma Six method can help its practitioners figure out how to better focus on their customer's needs and their businesses success. Gary Kapanowski was able to fully utilize and understand the method due to mentors like Dr. Robert Kaplan. He credits him with helping him to win the Financial Executive of the Year Award in 2006. "I was trained in a seminar by Dr. Kaplan, the guru of the Balance Scorecard, which is how I won the 2006 FEYA award,” said Kapanowski.
  3. Gary Kapanowski suggests to all of the Six Sigma employees that it's best to find a dedicated mentor to help you along your journey. The consulting and technological duties of Green and Black Belts can be intimidating for those with White and Yellow Belts. Gary Kapanowski firmly feels that having a great mentor can make the process more exciting and less intimidating. Mentors can really help newly trained employees feel more secure in their abilities.
  4. Six Sigma is something that many companies apply, but exactly in the same way. Gary Kapanowski believes that Green and Black Belt trainees should lead projects and mentor others in those areas that they excel at themselves. It's important that a Green or Black Belt be confident in his or her position, which in turn helps them make sound decisions for the team.
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