Marissa Mayer: named Yahoo CEO and expecting mother

Longtime Google executive Marissa Mayer announces that she is pregnant shortly after she inherits rein as Yahoo CEO. Mayer is quickly becoming one of the most prominent female leaders in business.

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  1. The social media world is flooding with the news of Marissa Mayer's future with Yahoo.
  2. Marissa Mayer becomes CEO, Yahoo!
  3. Congrats to Yahoo!'s new chief, Marissa Mayer. Love seeing more female CEOs not just in Silicon Valley, but in all of corporate World. And I still use Google to find out who she is. : )
  4. Congrats to Marissa Mayer for being named CEO of Yahoo! If anyone can pull a "Steve Jobs" and turn around Yahoo - a woman can do it!! We're pulling for you Marissa!!
  5. Shortly after Marissa Meyers announces her pregnancy inspired tweets are sent out.
  6. I think it's amazing that Marissa Mayer was appointed as Yahoo! New CEO and even more inspiring is that she is 6 months pregnant. Women need to feel like its ok to have children, and still be able to excel professionally! This news truly inspires me.
  7. Love when I see stories about women in corporate America who can have a family and move up the ranks in their job!