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Two and a half days in Cape Town

6th GO-GN Seminar, March 2017


  1. After Ljubljana and Washington in 2014, Banff in 2015 and Kraków last year, we returned to where the first ever GO-GN seminar took place in 2013. This is the story of two and half days in Cape Town.
  2. Once upon a time, it was a very sunny morning when...
  3. Wait, we weren't in Cape Town for the views, right? Get on with it!
  4. The morning of day 1 (March 5th) was spent doing group work: some of us had met before, for others it was a first time, but after a quick round of introductions, it was like 'hey coz, good to see you!'. As GO-GNers we work together to raise the profile of research into open education and to support new open education researchers in their journeys to PhD wisdom; that road is also an invite to do research in the open. What does that mean? Being able to communicate your research as clearly as possible...
  5. and a commitment to share...
  6. Or, as our friends from ROER4D put it, a commitment to “conducting and sharing research in which a selection of research proposals, work-process documents, literature reviews,methodologies, research instruments, analytical frameworks, findings and/or data are intentionally shared on publically-accessible platforms in order for others to freely access, use, modify, and share them subject to measures that preserve ethical practice and legal provenance.” (Hodgkinson-Williams & King, 2015:5)
  7. From then on, it was presentations time. Janesh kicked off with his comparative study of Indian learners in MOOCs...
  8. Sarah invited us all to consider how inclusive is the 'openness' of open education...