Earthquake in Los Angeles: Are you ready for the Big One?

Whenever a substantial quake shakes up the greater Los Angeles area, it stirs talk of "the Big One": a catastrophic quake capable of some very heavy damages, like we've seen in other parts of the world. Scientists remind us that it's just a matter of time, so we'd best be prepared.


  1. For reference, let's remember the kind of damage that occurred during the Northridge Earthquake:
  2. What would you — and your family — do if a major earthquake struck the area today? Do you have what you need? Do you know what to do? There's lots of things you should know well before you need to know them. Review a few valuable tips here:
  3. Do you know what do if there's a electrical emergency? Or a gas leak?
  4. The Red Cross also has a disaster preparedness guide here. And it never hurts to see what some government entities advise:
  5. There's lots of information out there around the area, too. 
  6. And don't forget to check your city's website to see what specific details can find about your immediate area.