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Clippers for sale! Who's in? (Answer: Everyone)

From Adam Silver's lips to fans' ears, and from there the rumor mill was all a twitter with who the next owner of Clippers could possibly be. Suggestions ranged from likely to "likely story," with names like Magic Johnson, P. Diddy, Rick Ross, David Geffen and more getting into the mix.


  1. Well, it's definitely the question of the day now that the NBA has put the smackdown on Donald Sterling.
  2. Magic Johnson was in the rumor mill as a buyer ahead of the NBA's ousting of Sterling, but following Tuesday's announcement, it appears the playing field has widened. It wasn't long after the press conference that another contender emerged: P. Diddy (#DiddyBuyTheClippers even trended on Twitter for a time on Tuesday afternoon). Then came Rick Ross, and by Tuesday evening, David Geffen was also verified as having an interest in purchasing the team.
  3. But by Tuesday evening, there were conflicting reports that Magic was really in the mix.
  4. What sayeth the fans? Well... There's definitely lots of love out there for the former Lakers phenom.
  5. And not.
  6. And conspiracy theories.