GMC’s clinical fellow Dr Muj Husain hosted our Twitter chat on 6 August 2013 where we asked doctors in training, senior doctors and medical organisations to share their top tips on surviving the first year as a doctor.


  1. This time of year can be difficult for foundation doctors starting their new jobs. Our clinical fellow Dr Muj Husain wrote about what it is like to put learning into practice in his blogpost recently, and we wanted to further explore doctors' experiences of their first year of clinical practice to help new doctors.
  2. Learn from experience, but know your limits

  3. The transition from medical student to first-year doctor can leave many feeling out of their depth. It was great to see many messages from doctors and organisations reassuring new doctors that they will learn a lot on the job and to use every experience as a learning opportunity.

  4. It is really important to know your limits.
  5. Mistakes are important learning opportunities.
  6. Use the knowledge and experience of other healthcare professionals

  7. Some were keen to remind new doctors that they are part of a community of highly experienced and skilled healthcare professionals who are on hand to offer help and advice. 
  8. The basic questions are often the best questions, said the radiologists.
  9. And when asking for help, Dr Jones says: 'Be utterly shameless.'