What Is The Gas Safe Register?

You may or may not have heard of the Gas Safe Register, but if you’re considering boiler installation in Edinburgh or the surrounding areas, it’s an important consideration.

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  1. The Gas Safe Register is the UK’s official list of gas engineers that are qualified to work legally and safely on gas appliances. It is illegal for anybody to work on a gas appliance if they are not on the Gas Safe Register. For the safety of your home, your family and your boiler, you should never use a heating engineer who is not registered on the Gas Safe Register. They will have an official validation card that they can show you, and you can also verify their membership on the register online.

    Use Safe And Qualified Gas Engineers Every Time

    Poorly fitted or badly serviced gas appliances can be a health hazard and could cause fires, gas explosions, leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning, all of which can be fatal. You can protect yourself from these dangers and ensure your boiler is working as it should by taking the following precautions:

    ● Always look for the Gas Safe Register triangle - whether you need a heating company for boiler installations or boiler repairs, always look for the sign.
    ● Arrange regular servicing of your boiler and have it safety checked once a year.
    ● Always ask to see an engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card. If they don’t have one, you should refuse entry and avoid using their services.
    ● Have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted. You can’t smell, hear or taste carbon monoxide when it leaks, and an alarm will provide you with an early warning so that you can evacuate the premises immediately. You should also know the six symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning - dizziness, headaches, nausea,breathlessness, collapse and unconsciousness.
    ● Always get your boiler checked if it is not working as it should be.This could be because it is making a strange sound, not heating as it should or there are black marks around the appliance.
    ● If you think somebody is carrying out gas repairs illegally, you can report them to the Gas Safe Register.

    Safe Boiler Installations Every Time

    Greener Energy Group offer boiler installation in Edinburgh of the highest standard,and each of our experienced boiler engineers is on the Gas Safe Register. Call us today to find out more about our range of boilers, and how we can help youto keep your home warm efficiently.