How To Find Out If Your Toilet Is Leaking

Do You Think Your Toilet May Be Leaking? This Might Help

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  1. Is your toilet continuing to run water into the bowl long after it has been flushed. It might not seem like such a big problem, but just wait until you check your next water bill! It’s a problem our emergency plumbers in Edinburgh see a lot, and we know it can cost our customers dearly if they don’t get the problem fixed.

    You might not even be certain that your toilet tank is leaking, and so we’ve put together some handy tests you can carry out to check.

    Look And Listen

    Don’t wait for that spike in your water bill. It’s better to catch the problem before it starts to cost you. Checking your toilet regularly or responding to any changes can help to ensure that toilet leaks are stopped in their tracks. Look and listen often, looking for a flow of water, or listening to see if you can hear water running. It might not be an obvious flow of water, but more of a trickle, and it could be almost silent so play close attention. Water rippling in the toilet bowl is also a good indicator as to whether there is a leak.

    Try This Colourful Test

    A fail safe way to test for a leak is to use this colourful method. Simply add a few drops of food colouring into your cistern. Don’t flush - just wait for a couple of hours without using the toilet at all. Go back and check, and if you see coloured water in the bowl, you know that there is a leak.

    What Causes A Toilet To Leak?

    Very often a leaking cistern is down to something relatively minor such as rust,dirt or sediment that has built up over time. There are not a lot of components in your cistern, but if they get clogged or aren’t able to work properly it could cause problems. If you are experiencing problems with your toilet,whether it is not flushing, is leaking or the cistern is not filling back up,give your emergency plumbers in Edinburgh a call. We have years of experience in fixing and installing toilets and would be delighted to speak to you if you are looking for urgent assistance. Call us now for emergency or routine plumbing works or a cost effective quote to consider in your own time.