GGCA hosts Ms. Christiana Figueres to discuss COP18 Gender Decision

On 14 May, Global Gender and Climate Alliance (GGCA) hosted Ms. Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of UNFCCC, in a Twitter chat to discuss the key objectives and entry points of the COP18 Gender Decision and its importance in empowering women in climate change.


  1. To quickly recap, the COP18 Gender Decision calls for:
    - Climate policy to address needs of men & women equally
    - Gender to be a standing item on the UNFCCC COP agenda
    - In-session Gender workshop at COP19
    - Review & report mechanisms to track progress towards a gender balance
    - Governments to share gender submissions September 2, 2013

    To start, @CFigueres was quick to note that although the effort to approve the COP18 gender decision came from many, the real work now begins!  And so did the discussion:
  2. Our first question posed to Ms. Figueres was "Why is a gender-sensitive approach important to #climate solution?"  Responses were strongly in support of mainstreaming gender in climate change policy.  @popact brought the message home with stories  showing the impacts of climate change on women.
  3. Participants were quick to share out their activities in addressing gender impacts of change change.  @PROJECT_GAIA shared an example of how addressing the impacts of climate change with a gender-sensitive approach not only improves lives, but empowers them!  
  4. @ulrike_LIFE's call for the urgent need of delegate training was supported by @KatHone and @WEDO_worldwide's response that training of women delegates is important and currently in ACTION.
  5. The discussion quickly led to participants making the important distinction between gender "balance" versus gender "equality".  Although the COP18 Gender Decision uses the term "balance", @RHarris821 highlighted that equality is necessary in mitigating and adapting to climate change