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"A Conversation around Climate-Smart Agriculture"


  1. Synergies between adapting to and mitigating climate change in forest and agricultural landscapes: A conversation around climate-smart agriculture, Sub-plenary co-organized by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate (CCAFS) during the Global Landscapes Forum in Warsaw, Poland from 16 to 17 November 2013.

    The promise of climate-smart agriculture is food security, adaptation and mitigation. Raising yields, using inputs more efficiently and enhancing soil organic matter in agricultural fields can all be pathways to synergies among food security, adaptation and mitigation. Farms and forests are often interwoven in a complex landscape mosaic, especially in smallholder systems in developing countries, and thus need to be managed in an integrated manner. In addition, expanding the land for crop and livestock production is the major driver of deforestation globally, leading to trade-offs as the products and ecosystem services of forests are lost.

    A major global Alliance on Climate-Smart Agriculture is being planned. To what extend does this appropriately integrate forests and forestry? What role is there for a landscape approach to fostering success? In fostering adaptation and mitigation strategies, at what scale should the focus be: at the level of individual farmers and foresters, landscape governance, national policy?