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Badges for Learning

How digital badges are impacting the school environment and performance measurement as we know it


  1. GENYOUth counts elevating the student voice among the most important things we do across our programs and initiatives.  Students participate alongside with corporate and wellness leaders in our programs and events, and we continue to look for ways to solicit and apply their feedback to our development process.
    We do this because as a nonprofit dedicated to child health, we believe that making changes in the school environment won't endure unless there's student buy-in.  While we know from experience that simply giving students the chance to share and receive recognition for their ideas can be a reward in itself, we still have a lot to learn about intrinsic rewards that connect learning and performance achievement to something beyond traditional grades. 
    As more press and information becomes available for Open Badges (through Mozilla), we're curious about how this system of badges could potentially flourish in the K-12 school environment for not only classroom learning, but also for student-driven innovation that ties learning to physical activity.
  2. Mozilla started Open Badges by offering credentials for mastery in the technology space.  But the trend seems to be spreading to other areas, catalyzing Open Badges' reputation as a viable way to measure people on a broad spectrum of learning and experience.  
  3. Mozilla Open Badges, Earn your first badge!
  4. We wonder how students would respond to getting a badge for doing something like integrating physical activity into their classroom time to improve the health and potentially the focus of themselves and their peers?If the badge, and the criteria for it came from someone they cared about like an NFL player?  GENYOUth was co-founded by the NFL and through our flagship program, Fuel Up to Play 60, rewards like a visit from an NFL player go a long way.
  5. What badges do you think would matter to students and schools?  What badges would equal proficiency in activity and learning?
    Please share your feedback!