Robbed of Choice

Forced or coerced sterilization of women living with HIV is an infringement of their reproductive rights and dignity as well as social injustice that must be abhorred. This is a compilation from GEM on sterilization of women in Kenya

  1. GEM has been working on Documenting experiences of forced & coerced sterilization
  2. The Report

  3. On August 22, 2012, Africa Gender & Media Initiative launched a report Robbed of Choice: Forced & Coerced Sterilization of Women Living with HIV in Kenya
  4. Forced Sterilization
  5. Speech by KELIN's Winifred Lichuma at the Launch of Robbed of Choice Report
  6. Videos

  7. Denied Motherhood Part 1: Video by Citizen TV Kenya. Are women living with Hiv/Aids being targeted for sterilization without their consent in some Kenya health facilities? Citizen TV spoke to a couple of women who claim they were either forced or sterilized without their knowledge. According to the United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS---UNAIDS--- women living with HIV are more likely to experience violations of their sexual and reproductive rights. In the first part of "denied motherhood" Judy Kosgey to women who can't bear children not because they were born barren but because of a procedure that happened without their consent.
  8. Denied Motherhood Part One
  9. Denied Motherhood Part 2: "What would you give up to get milk for your children?" One woman from Mathare slum who was blessed with twins in 2004 says she gave up her right to bear children, by agreeing to sterilization. She could not breast feed because she is HIV positive. ON this second and last part of "Denied Motherhood", Citizen TV has established that forced and coerced sterilization could be targeting women from low resource settings who are living with HIV. Judy Kosgei, went to the health facilities this women visited, to ask them one question did this happen?
  10. Denied Motherhood - Part 2
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  12. Kenyan women sue against forced sterilisation