The GBC - Booz Allen Smart Data Breakfast Briefing According to Twitter

March 12, 2014

  1. GBC and Booz Allen Hamilton teamed up with KCnext to reveal their findings from a new research study on the impact big data is having across the federal government. At the breakfast event in Kansas City on March 12, GBC presented the results from a survey of more than 1,000 respondents from the financial services, health, and justice/homeland security domains to a packed room of data enthusiasts. After the results were presented, a panel of distinguished experts shared their insights. In case you missed the event or are looking for a quick recap, the Twitter-sphere offers a brief but informative summary:
  2. GBC's Director, Ted Iobst, kicked off the briefing with a review of the federal mandates driving big data usage across government agencies.
  3. KCnext summarized some of the study's key findings:
  4. One event attendee offered his thoughts on the finding that most justice/homeland executives report that their agencies are using data to improve cybersecurity posture.
  5. The bottom line: federal executives see big data as a way to make better decisions and enhance mission effectiveness.
  6. The results presentation was followed by an expert panel discussion.
  7. The panel emphasized the importance of acquiring the right mix of expertise to best leverage big data.
  8. But attracting such talent may not be so easy...
  9. Moving forward, the panel noted that predictive analysis is the future of big data.
  10. Overall, the event provided a great opportunity for both the presenters and the audience to share new information and interesting viewpoints.
  11. To learn more about GBC's Smart Data study, read the full report here.
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